Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson: Signs of Hope

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Artist: Mary Thompson

Artist: Mary Thompson
Title: Signs of Hope

This CD has an intimate, personal feel to the music - like you're sitting in your living room with a close friend. The songs are all written by Mary and came from experiences in her life dealing with family members, deep friendships, and the deep and abiding love of God. You'll find a wedding song, a 'musical Valentine's Day card', a child's lullaby, and a song or two about saying goodbye. Get a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or tea, and listen as these endearing lyrics and warm, mellow voice touch your heart and soul. You'll be glad you did!

1.1 I'm Ready to Fly
1.2 What Is a Friend
1.3 Child of Hope
1.4 A Child's Prayer
1.5 I Think of You
1.6 If You Believe
1.7 Yours, Now, and Forever
1.8 Goodbye, for Now
1.9 My Lord and My Master
1.10 Love
1.11 Song of Renewal
1.12 Would You Be My Valentine
1.13 Blessing of Love
1.14 Signs of Hope
1.15 Goodnight

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