Master Massive: Black Feathers On Their Graves

Master Massive: Black Feathers On Their Graves
Title: Black Feathers On Their Graves
Label: Vicisolom Production

Master Massive is a heavy metal act with a relentless urge to create unique music with roots in 1980's metal without compromising with modern technology. Important for us is that the music has a certain groove and natural timing without quantized drums or auto tuned vocals. It kills the music! With "Black Feathers on Their Graves" Master Massive examines a large-scale form of music, almost like a suite or a symphony, but without departing from traditional features of heavy metal. The only difference is that we're using recurrent themes and snippets to create a whole. The lyrical content of the new album is almost a continuation of the former album, but this time a lot of the fantastic lyrical themes from "The Pendulum" is no longer a fantasy or a tragic saga, it's the reality. Orwell's "1984", Bradbury's "Farhenheit 451" or Boye's "Kallocain" has become the reality for many people in the world and will become for others in a future soon.

1.1 Black feathers on their graves - I. Falling in Time - II. Devil’s Sun - III. Paradise Lost - IV. Black Feathers on their Graves - V. Our Ancient Fathers
1.2 Pictures in the sand
1.3 Castles in the air

Master Massive: Black Feathers On Their Graves

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