Matt Tilley: Gotcha Calls-Final Call

Matt Tilley: Gotcha Calls-Final Call
Title: Gotcha Calls-Final Call
Label: Liberation

2009 two CD collection of prank phone calls from Australian comic and radio personality Matt Tilley, the fourth and final release in this series. Matt's outrageously funny Gotcha Calls have been a national hit across Austereo's Today Network stations. Matt's Gotcha Calls have spawned three Gold CDs with sales of over 150,000 albums in the last four years. The third Gotcha album, 2007's Three's a Crowd, reached #1 on the VIC ARIA charts just after it's release and garnered Matt his second ARIA Award nomination. 27 tracks.

1.1 Rough End of the Pineapple
1.2 What a Shocker
1.3 Cat... Food
1.4 Not So Flash Gordon
1.5 The Holy Hoon
1.6 Virgin on the Ridiculous
1.7 How Low Can You Go
1.8 Can't Find Top Gear
1.9 The Bad Egg
1.10 Triple Treat
1.11 You've Been Sacked
1.12 No Speaka the Lingo
1.13 Didgeridont
1.14 Kiss My Art
1.15 Treated Like An Animal
1.16 You Silly So and So
1.17 Filthy Father Fondle
1.18 Food for Fought
1.19 You Ahhh... Sole
1.20 Get My Goat Up
1.21 Put Her Behind Bars
1.22 Just a Gigolo
1.23 Let's Make a Deal
1.24 Shut Up
1.25 Don't Touch My Pussy
1.26 Arjibs Day Off
1.27 Yuk

Matt Tilley: Gotcha Calls-Final Call

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