Maya Le Roux

Maya Le Roux: Cocoa

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Maya Le Roux

Title: Cocoa
Label: CD Baby

The story takes place in a little country, 'Cocoa', where a dictator 'El Libertador', a witch doctor and a priest, despite their mutual antagonism, are united in protecting their most valuable possession, Cocoa beans, the only source of revenue for the country. The beans are exceptional because of the way they are fermented thanks to a magical formula of which each of the three men only possesses one part. A U.S. Congressman (Blulnt) and his wife (Amelia) arrive to kick out the dictator and wrench the secret of the fermentation formula at the same time. A strange war is unleashed where Cocoans defend themselves by bewitching Amelia while the US Marine battle El Libertador, with hard rock music, having finally taken refuge in the Nuncio's embassy. The crisis is solved by the beautiful Isabella, grand daughter of the witch doctor and focal point of this adventure. The version contained in this album is uniquely musical and is only sung by four singers.

1.1 Cocoa National Anthem
1.2 Flowers from Heaven
1.3 The Boy and the Condor
1.4 Ghostly Exes of a Stranger
1.5 Don't Catch a Cold Without Me
1.6 Cocoa Blessing Song
1.7 We Got a Problem Here
1.8 Red Hot
1.9 Hard Rock
1.10 If You Don't Do What You Got to Do
1.11 It's Time to Leave Now
1.12 Amelia the Witch
1.13 Children of the Rainbow

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