Mc Eiht

Mc Eiht: Death Threatz

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Artist: Mc Eiht

Artist: Mc Eiht
Title: Death Threatz

After 2 years of nonstop exposure from the gold 1994 release We Come Strapped coupled with movie appearances, TV commercials and an overflow of press and radio interviews, MC Eiht's visibility is at an all-time high. His new release shows Eiht and crew at their hard-hitting best with songs like "Ain't Nuthin 2 It," "Love 4 the Hood," "Def Wish IV (Tap That Azz)" and the lead track and video, "Thuggin' It Up."

1.1 Def Wish IV (Tap That Azz)
1.2 Ain't Nuthin 2 It
1.3 Killin Nigguz - MC Eiht Featuring CMW and N.O.T.R
1.4 Run 4 Your Life
1.5 Endoness
1.6 Thuggin It Up
1.7 Love 4 Tha Hood - MC Eiht Featuring CMW and Da Foe
1.8 Fuc Them All
1.9 Late Nite Hype Part 2
1.10 Set Trippin - MC Eiht Featuring CMW and Boom Bam
1.11 Collect My Stripez - MC Eiht Featuring CMW and Young Prod
1.12 Fuc Your Hood
1.13 You Can't See Me - MC Eiht Featuring CMW and Tha Chill
1.14 Drugs and Killin
1.15 Killin Season

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