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Mc Till: Beautiful Break

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Artist: Mc Till

Artist: Mc Till
Title: Beautiful Break

'Performing music and interacting with various people over the past few years has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.' These are the words of Cincinnati Hip-hop artist MC (Till), who just came off a string of performance dates across the United States. Whether in a huge performance venue, a small coffee shop, or even a home living room, MC (Till) mesmerizes audiences with his humor, honesty, and talent. Harvey Carey, from Harvey Carey Ministries, commented on one of MC's performances saying, 'There was a natural flow to his performance. It wasn't forced. It felt natural...Our audience was a diverse audience...and there was enough in the performance for everybody.' There truly is something for everyone in MC's repertoire. The newest part of that repertoire is his new album, A Beautiful Break, which displays his growth as an artist, an intellectual, and a person of faith. 'I've come to terms with a lot in my life, and I've found my voice. I hope people want to hear what I'm saying on this album.' Bart Campolo, leader of The Walnut Hills Fellowship in Cincinnati, OH, calls this album 'deep, authentic stuff.' Listening to MC's music is truly an enjoyable experience, but it is only part of the equation. He says, 'I love to connect with people on a personal level. I give it my all on stage, and I love to stick around and talk with people after the show.' Commenting on MC (Till)'s ability to connect with people, Tommy Kyllonen, aka Urban D, author of Unorthodox, says 'He's got a servant's heart...he's humble...he's a people person.' Born and raised in Evansville, IN, MC (Till) had a pretty 'normal' childhood. Says MC: 'It was, you know, basketball, video games, listening to hip-hop tapes, meals with my family, stuff like that. Normal.' He fell in love with hip-hop music after hearing artists like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and Biz Markie and decided to start writing and recording his own music. 'This was before beat machines and computers. I really had to work hard to even make a 30-second tape with one verse back then.' This hard work and love for music would soon begin to pay off, as MC would connect with a group of talented local Hip-hop artists. During high school and college, he helped form several groups, recorded, and performed with these local artists. Upon graduating from college, MC (Till) moved to Cincinnati, OH, which he now calls home. 'Moving to Cincinnati was a major step for me, personally and musically. Cincinnati has brought new experiences, new opportunities, and new challenges.' Almost immediately after arriving in Ohio, MC teamed up with Cincinnati mainstay k-Drama to record Black Guy Meets White Man, an album described as 'feel-good music' by LaRosa Johnson from Trailblazin' Ministries. K-Drama mentioned that 'working with MC (Till) was a wonderful experience. We were both able to bring our different styles and create something truly unique.' Soon after that, he released Beautiful Raw, a momentary departure from the 'feel-good' nature of his previous effort. 'Beautiful Raw was a very personal album about my struggles with faith and religious institutions, and my decision to create something beautiful out of some really raw experiences.' Another collaborative effort would soon follow with the release of the Wonder Brown-assisted Kings of Tragedy. The accompanying tour for Kings of Tragedy, which included an entire dramatic production centered around the album, was met with consistent praise. Rapper JustMe described his response to a KOT performance by saying, 'It is the most fun and entertaining Hip-hop show I've ever seen.' According to Pastor Phil Jackson, author of The Hip-Hop Church, MC (Till) is a 'breath of fresh air.' His music is 'really more than music. It's more of an approach to to deal with relationships, balance, and challenges in life,' says Fred Oduyoye, Director of Reload Conference for Urban Youth Workers Institute. Continuing in the vein of his previous work, the release of A Beautiful Break is the next step on MC (Till)'s journey as a person of faith and an artist.

1.1 Welcome to My Thoughts
1.2 Voices in My Head
1.3 Untitled/I Am Stupid
1.4 Beautiful Love
1.5 Go
1.6 The People Think
1.7 This I Believe
1.8 Finite Words
1.9 My Freedom Song
1.10 Overcome Ft/Joy Ike
1.11 I Am Not Authority/Rethinking
1.12 Letter Pt. 2
1.13 Don't Go!
1.14 Be!
1.15 The Bridge

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