Me & Joan Collins

Me & Joan Collins: Me & Joan Collins : Love. Trust. Faith. Lust.

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Title: Me & Joan Collins : Love. Trust. Faith. Lust.
Label: CD Baby

From the wreckage of The Collisions emerges Bo Barringer's new vehicle MEandJOANCOLLINS in the spiky, sexy tradition of Northeast boy/girl bands like The Pixies and Blake Babies. MEandJOANCOLLINS leans toward the suave Brit Pop of Pulp, the oversexed swagger of T Rex, and Blondie's nods to Phil Spector-era girl groups. Add to that sometimes minimalist/ sometimes quirky songs that are less about the taboos and transgressions that their glam rock forefathers indulged in and more about the everyday broken hearts, lust, betrayals, and disorientation of young adults living in the 00's, and you have a hot new band that covers similar ground to kindred spirits like Of Montreal, Spoon and the Pipettes. Guitarist/Vocalist Jen Grygiel (ex-Steel Poniez), with her sweet cooing harmonies puts a nice co-ed twist on the old Bowie/Velvets/Roxy/Iggy glam rock model. Jason Marchionna of Fluttr Effect brings dynamic flair and muscle to the rhythm section with bassist Jim Collins (ex-Paula Kelley Orchestra, Gene Dante & Future Starlets.) The band's debut full length album, which will be release in April '09, was recorded at Woolly Mammoth Studios (Waltham, MA) with engineer Dave Westner. Their Myspace description pegs it as: Their Myspace description pegs it: 'Jarvis Cocker and Debbie Harry fighting over a prom date with Joan Collins herself...'

1.1 Crime of the Century (So Far...)
1.2 All the Cowards in Her Path
1.3 I Masturbate a Little Too Much
1.4 All the Men That Failed You
1.5 Come Take Your Boyfriend from Behind
1.6 Typical Asshole
1.7 Electricity
1.8 Auditorium
1.9 Maybe You Can Breathe Underwater, Tracy
1.10 Interluder
1.11 That's Not What I Want
1.12 Strangest Thing

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