Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez: Cry Baby

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Artist: Melanie Martinez
Title: Cry Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Melanie Martinez is an unforgettable 20-year-old artist from Long Island, New York - a stunning and provocative singer, songwriter and visual presence. Melanie Martinez wants to tell you a story. It's fictional, but it's also about her, in a way that's somewhat exaggerated and darker than reality. The tale traces through Melanie's debut album Cry Baby, a collection of pop songs that draw inspiration from singer-songwriter folk and hip-hop and follow a character who learns to be more comfortable with who she is. The journey of the character, who Melanie dubbed Cry Baby, mirrors the musician's own.

1.1 Cry Baby
1.2 Dollhouse
1.3 Sippy Cup
1.4 Carousel
1.5 Alphabet Boy
1.6 Soap
2.1 Training Wheels
2.2 Pity Party
2.3 Tag, You're It
2.4 Milk and Cookies
2.5 Pacify Her
2.6 Mrs. Potato Head
2.7 Mad Hatter

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