Mental Afro

Mental Afro: Mental Afro

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mental Afro

Title: Mental Afro
Label: CD Baby

This physical CD debut from Mental Afro actually has real grooves in it! Please note: this will not help you get your groove on if you are grooveless, and DO NOT put it on a record player! 'Back in the day, hip-hop used to be fun and free of the limitations placed upon it by media conglomerates and television networks. Even before Run DMC was walking with Steven Tyler, you routinely saw hip-hop artists collaborating with jazz, rock, reggae and even punk artists to create music that was uncategorizable but undeniably good. This is the mindset of Bloomington's Mental Afro, brought together from across the musical spectrum by a shared desire to make music on no terms other than theirs. . The result is a mash-up of styles that would make Sly and the Family Stone proud.' - Dan Coleman, The Herald-Times 5/17/07 The debut, Mental Afro, is a collection of 12 songs that were recorded in Farm Fresh Studios by Jacob Belser in Bloomington,Indiana in March 2007. The band drew inspiration from the converted church as well as the infrequent burial that occurred that day in the crowded graveyard next door. In 2008 the band continued to expand their live shows at venues throughout the Midwest and to promote their first CD at shows and online. The band was honored to be mentioned in The Onion's 'Worst Band Names of 2007'.

1.1 Rock U
1.2 Mental Afro
1.3 Sometimes It's Music
1.4 Floatin
1.5 Official
1.6 Rollin
1.7 Tangerine
1.8 Hot Sauce
1.9 Kiss My Jazz
1.10 2 Sexy
1.11 Get Your Comb
1.12 Military Minded

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