Meredith Levande

Meredith Levande: Through the Clouds

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Product Type: CD

Title: Through the Clouds
Label: CD Baby

This record has been named by many as one of the first records you can listen to all the way through. No filler. It recalls the true essence of songwriting. It's incredibly melodic and original lyrics surprise even the most selective listener. The hooks are catchy, yet the words defining them show that LeVande doesn't just write overused phrases or fall into lyrics typical traps. This record has been described by many listeners as an unbelievable job of crafting lyrics from melody with an extremely feminine and organic voice. Through the clouds takes you on a journey of insecurity, fear of being true to oneself, but ultimately, inevitably winding up there. It's about rediscovering your identity, remeeting the true self and allowing things to change and not change you when life unexpectedly changes. The production is just enough, not overdone, yet placed beautifully. All musicians who bring out the unusual notes that LeVande so eloquently sings. Enough space filled to keep one satisfied, yet enough space to keep the imagination going.

1.1 Needles and Pins
1.2 Sometimes You're Pretty
1.3 Void
1.4 The Mad Hour
1.5 Float
1.6 Go
1.7 What You Give
1.8 High Tide
1.9 To the Child
1.10 Red Light

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