Metalob: Plastic Forest

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Artist: Metalob

Artist: Metalob
Title: Plastic Forest

What comes out if a Japanese with a liking for Rock and Breakbeats creates Oriental Chill Out Moods in his Osaka-based studio? The answer and even more will begiven by a rumble through the 'Plastic Forest' where Masumi Samukawa aka Metalob (short form for Metal Of Breakbeats) invites us by his worldwide album debut. After numerous Japan-exclusive releases, Metalob here presents the result of 2 years of intensive Macintosh work, overflowing with hardly restrained imagination. He surprises himself and his audience with unexpected melodious shifts again and again, yet evoking a harmonious vision of a recreation both futuristic and culture-spanning ('Airwave', La´o Ageha'). But by sensitized subsonic percussive breaks like 'Anple', 'Dorgo' or 'Nerve Fish', Samukawa demonstrates that the Breakbeats homage in the project name had not been chosen by chance. East meets West in the magic forest!

1.1 Airwave
1.2 Santraism
1.3 La'o Ageha
1.4 Nameless Poetry
1.5 Anple
1.6 Dorgo
1.7 Vister
1.8 Nerve Fish
1.9 Frozen Forest

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