Metatron: Metatron Presents Welcome to Dementedville

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Metatron

Title: Metatron Presents Welcome to Dementedville
Label: CD Baby

'Metatron exists for the Sustenance Of Mankind. Hard Rock influenced with a taste of heavy metal and acoustic smoothness, describes their sound completely.the lyrics are Sarcastic while humorus, but above all very,very real No topic or identity is given mercy by 'Metatron'. Band Members include: Dave Powell-acoustic guitar and vocals Jason D'Amato-electric guitar Mike Herz-bass guitar Ryan Welsch-keys Chris Bernard (Captain Jack) electric guitar Rob Lozado electric lead guitar Rick Cintorino-drums Other helpful back up musicians include Mark Rignola,Billy Sideman and Chad Romard. 'Metatron' makes it's homebase in Patchogue N.Y Mailing address: 4 cedar ave Patchogue N.Y.11772 E-mail: 'Metatron' is as wildly entertaining and realistic as any peformers could ever imagine to be!

1.1 Is There Something Going On?
1.2 Daughter of Darkness
1.3 We Disguise Our Monsters Within
1.4 Dead Wilted Flowers
1.5 Rage
1.6 Welcome to Dementedville
1.7 Evilness Originated in the Minds of Men
1.8 Nothing Is for Free
1.9 Trudge Song
1.10 Bullshit Song
1.11 C*T Song
1.12 Itchy Butt Song
1.13 Goodbye Miss Hillary

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