Michael Dulin

Michael Dulin: Nice Boy from Brooklyn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Michael Dulin

Title: Nice Boy from Brooklyn
Label: CD Baby

Experience the music of Michael Dulin, and you'll never forget it. Unique in his ability to embrace and combine musical styles - smooth jazz, new age, Americana, Celtic, classical - he has developed a highly personal musical style with wide international appeal. Fans of Keiko Matsui, Jim Brickman, George Winston, and Wayne Gratz alike have found that Michael Dulin's music is indeed 'music that soothes the soul and excites the mind'. A world-class pianist and keyboardist, Dulin's music is the perfect marriage of heart and technique - simple enough to accompany any activity, yet complex enough to bear repeated listenings, revealing new layers of meaning with each hearing. Love songs, lullabies, wedding songs, Celtic hymns, ambient music, smooth jazz solos, even classical - it's all there. Michael Dulin has quickly reached international prominence as New Age/Smooth Jazz pianist and composer. His first two solo CDs, 'The One I Waited For' (2003) and 'Atmospheres' (2003) reached #1 on the New Age Reporter World Airplay Charts, and were in the top 5 for the entire year. His music is now heard on radio stations around the world, on satellite radio, Internet radio, and Digital TV. Hailed as 'one of the most versatile musicians I've ever known' by renowned critic Kathy Parsons, Dulin toured 6 months (2003-04) with the Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards. He continues to write and produce music for radio, TV, film and the theater. Michael Dulin - truly a musical Renaissance man. So enjoy the artistry of Michael Dulin's music. After the song is over, the magic stays with you... Check him out at michaeldulin.com.

1.1 The Man I Love
1.2 Swanee
1.3 Nobody But You
1.4 I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise
1.5 Do It Again
1.6 Fascinating Rhythm
1.7 Lady Be Good
1.8 Somebody Loves Me
1.9 Sweet and Low Down
1.10 Clap Yo' Hands
1.11 Do Do Do
1.12 My One and Only
1.13 's Wonderful
1.14 Strike Up the Band
1.15 I Got Rhythm
1.16 Who Cares?
1.17 That Certain Feeling
1.18 Liza
1.19 Prelude 1 - Allegro
1.20 Prelude 2 - Melody Number 17
1.21 Prelude 3 - Rubato
1.22 Prelude 4 - Blue Lullaby
1.23 Prelude 5 - Novelette in Fourths
1.24 Prelude 6 - Spanish Prelude
1.25 Clap Yo' Hands
1.26 Looking for a Boy
1.27 Maybe
1.28 My One and Only
1.29 Someone to Watch Over Me
1.30 Sweet and Low Down
1.31 's Wonderful / Funny Face
1.32 That Certain Feeling

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