Michael on Fire

Michael on Fire: Artistthe Dreamerthe Loverthe Fool

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Artist: Michael on Fire

Artist: Michael on Fire
Title: Artistthe Dreamerthe Loverthe Fool

Ten songs (seven of which have never been released on record) performed live in a studio before an intimate audience, with sparse, mostly acoustic production added to half the songs. Solo performances, soulful vocals, added dobro, mandolin, and percussion - beautiful background vocals. Passion, poetry, mysticism, spirtuality - all wrapped in the wisdom of lessons learned from years and miles of being on the road.

1.1 Viva L'amor
1.2 I Don't Mind Growing Old
1.3 Cold Night in Abilene
1.4 Lord Have Mercy
1.5 Cadillac Beach
1.6 Do You Have Any Heart
1.7 Indigo Blue
1.8 Jubilation
1.9 I Remember the Angels Cried
1.10 West of Eden

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