Michelle Hanlon: This Is My Day

Michelle Hanlon: This Is My Day
Title: This Is My Day
Label: CD Baby

Michelle Hanlon loves to sit at her baby grand and come up with a new song. It's amazing she can find any time to do this, given that she runs the largest high school orchestra program in her region, sings with vocal jazz group - The New Collection, and plays gigs on violin (both Baroque and Modern) around Dallas/Ft.Worth. The music bug comes from her family. Robin Hood Brians, noted songwriter and producer, runs a studio in Tyler, TX, filled with gold and platinum records, and has been a fixture in the Texas music scene for over 50 years. He is credited by ZZ Top with finding the signature sound that has powered years of global success, and parlayed his expertise into a career producing music and commercials on the national scene. Her mother, Suzanne, plays the bass and sang her way through college in a band popular throughout southern Louisiana called "The Girls" The album combines two generations of songwriting, an eclectic mix of pop music penned both by Brians: leading off with the trippy 7:30 Guided Tour; and Hanlon herself, from the catchy and soulful title track, to the accessible lyric- driven pop sounds of San Diego and Blue Line. Bringing it all to life are a collection of top session players out of Nashville led by hit-making powerhouse drummer Paul Leim. (Shania Twain, Lionel Ritchie, Carrie Underwood, and many others) Supplementing the fantastic rhythm tracks are 'goosie' inducing background vocals from Rosana and Gary Eckert, especially on covers Lynn Groom's I Will Comfort You, and the classic United We Stand. Some of the best horn players in North Texas also lend a hand, including standout solos by Randy Lee on Saxophone on Alone With You and Robin's hard-hitting Someday. The furthest thing from an auto-tuned, cookie-cutter sound, this production features stellar vocal performances that will convince you that this is definitely Michelle Hanlon's day!

1.1 Guided Tour
1.2 San Diego
1.3 This Is My Day
1.4 Blue Line
1.5 Christopher
1.6 Someday
1.7 Denton
1.8 United We Stand
1.9 Turn the Page
1.10 Hate Hurts the Holder
1.11 Alone with You
1.12 I Will Comfort You
1.13 That's the Way Love Is

Michelle Hanlon: This Is My Day

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