Micky Green

Micky Green: Honky Tonk

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Micky Green

Title: Honky Tonk
Label: Universal

2010 sophomore album from the Australian-born model and Pop singer (real name: Michaela Gehrmann). Mickey's music could be described as colorful, rhythmic and playful pop. Honky Tonk is adorned with more complex arrangements and grooves, with vintage keyboards and a horn section. Universal.

1.1 T.L
1.2 No Line
1.3 Whatever
1.4 The Game
1.5 Remember
1.6 Aim Low
1.7 Scaredy Cat
1.8 My Mind
1.9 Ready Already
1.10 R;B
1.11 Heavy
1.12 Pull It
1.13 Home Sick
1.14 [CD-ROM Track] [Multimedia Track]

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