Midnite Hellion

Midnite Hellion: Enter the Unknown

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Midnite Hellion

Title: Enter the Unknown
Label: CD Baby

'Enter The Unknown' brings the Metalhead back to a time when Heavy Metal was exactly that - HEAVY METAL, in the truest sense of the genre. Dynamics, actual singing, progression, and agression are just a few of the qualities featured in these four tracks of terror! Midnite Hellion is a band that is born and bred into Heavy Metal life and Heavy Metal Daze. Growing tired of their favorite bands no longer producing music that held a flame to their previous catalogue, the band strives to create music for themselves and for those begging for Heavy Metal to return to the proper way. Having shared the stage with countless National Acts and local acts in their year and a half young existence such as Artillery, Whiplash, Morbid Saint, Deceased, Blood Feast, October 31, Swashbuckle, Warbringer, Lazarus A.D., Revocation, Denial Fiend, Obituary, and Prime Evil, Midnite Hellion continues to reach for the top and will stop at nothing until that is achieved! Midnite Hellion is not a band of the past, nor are they a band of trends; they are a band that is in it for themselves and for those who wish to join them as they 'Enter The Unknown' and have a good time!

1.1 1903
1.2 The Fever
1.3 Cross the Line
1.4 Witching Hour

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