Mighty Spiritualaires

Mighty Spiritualaires: Where Ever I Go

$12.28 $14.98

Artist: Mighty Spiritualaires
Title: Where Ever I Go

Gospel Quartet Traditional Music. This CD talks about the goodness of Jesus Christ, these songs can related to the gospel listeners that has been through hard times, please listen to this old into the new traditional quartet music go to your gospel retail stores purchase this CD To added to your gospel CD collections. Their CD'S was excepted into the quartet music Industry and being played on gospel radio/Internet stations such Baltimore,Maryland WOLB 10110 AM...Early Morning gospel along with other stations across the United States....Nationwide......

1.1 Where Ever I Go
1.2 Won't It Be Grand
1.3 One More Time
1.4 God Is Going to Separate
1.5 Have You Tried Jesus
1.6 I Love You Lord

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