Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher: Saints & Scholars

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Artist: Mike Gallagher

Artist: Mike Gallagher
Title: Saints & Scholars

What are they saying about Saints and Scholars? 'Blessed by the saints and preserved by the scholars, Ireland's heritage comes alive with tunes that weave a spell of spiritual harmonies, blended in a rare mix of traditional and original songs. Mike Gallagher is a troubadour of the goodness of life and introduces us to friends like Saint Columba, Saint Patrick and the mystical Paddy Kavanaugh. The passion, the history, the faith. The tradition is all here, brilliantly wrapped in a handful of songs you'll play again and again. You need not be a saint to believe, nor a scholar to understand. You need only to listen.'

1.1 Cliffs of Dooneen
1.2 Bridget O'Malley
1.3 The Voyage
1.4 Sweet Peggy O
1.5 Valley of Tears
1.6 Down By the Glenside
1.7 Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
1.8 Raglin Road
1.9 The King of Love
1.10 Land of the Leal
1.11 Saint Patrick's Breastplate
1.12 When It's All Been Said and Done

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