Mike Link: Beat Elementals

Mike Link: Beat Elementals
Title: Beat Elementals
Label: CD Baby

Second Release by Milwaukee-based studio duo (Mike Link/keys,electronics & programming, Harvey Taylor/trumpet), with guest artists (Holly Haebig/flute & vocal, Michael Sullivan/guitar, Perry Lee/guitar, Tim Taylor/guitar, Glenn Asch/violin & viola and Julio Pabon/didgeridoo)...groove-based tunes with trumpet improvisations, etc, fusing a jazz/blues approach to contemporary electronica...World music influences combine for an eclectic mix. ______________________________________________________________ from the Milwaukee Shepherd-Express The latest offering from Milwaukee's Mike Link and Harvey Taylor offers a serious dose of world fusion music. One of the standouts, 'Silvery Swirl,' opens with sitar and tabla, picking up flute, trumpet and heavy bass and drum programming as it goes, creating a feel that combines traditional Indian flavors with jazz and house music. The overall vibe of the CD is at times reminiscent of some of Bill Laswell's experiments with Tabla Beat Science and Material, but Beat Elemental's take is decidedly original and groove-heavy. Harvey Taylor's trumpet soars through Mike Link's digital beatscapes beautifully, and a stellar list of guests added to the mix doesn't hurt either. The Milwaukee Symphony's Glenn Asch sits in on violin, as do guitarist Michael Sullivan and Holly Haebig of One Drum and De La Buena.

1.1 Angels of Mercy
1.2 Silvery Swirl
1.3 Brotherly Love
1.4 Pura Veda
1.5 Room for All
1.6 Secret Passageway
1.7 Guided By Dreams
1.8 Prototype
1.9 Mysterious Realm
1.10 See What the Wind Blows Away
1.11 Blue-Green Patina
1.12 Garden in Blooming Groove
1.13 Proximity
1.14 Sun Tour

Mike Link: Beat Elementals

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