Milkshake: Bottle of Sunshine

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Milkshake

Artist: Milkshake
Title: Bottle of Sunshine

2005 NAPPA Gold Award Winner 2005 Parents' Choice Recommended 'A sunny hug of an album' - LA Times 'Bottle of Sunshine' video featured on Noggin's 'Jack's Big Music Show' Well, true to the phrase 'Good things take time,' two years after the release of our 2002 debut CD 'Happy Songs', we presented 'Bottle Of Sunshine'. The disc offers fifteen Milkshake originals the whole family can groove to. We hope, like our first CD 'Happy Songs', you find more than one great song you really, really like on 'Bottle Of Sunshine'. More than one catchy tune you can't get out of your head. Like the days of old, when your mommy and daddy were growing up and people played ALBUMS. They listened from start to finish, and the disc was a whole experience. Sure, there were singles-little vinyl records with a song on each side-but most of the time, back then, the big disc-the album--was worth buying. There was always at least three or four great songs, and hopefully, ten or twelve. You'll also find lots of variety here, although most of the songs still live in the rock genre. We recorded 'ABC Of Me' live in the studio with a jazz combo. It's a new take on the Alphabet Song, and each letter stands for some quality or thing that reminds us of how great we are, and how wonderful childhood is. 'Boom Boom' turned into a country rock song as we added fiddle and banjo and a 'yee-haa'. There's a doo-wop tinged song about having fun in the water called 'Woo-Woo,' and features wonderful harmonies from the CD's producer John Suchy. There are some totally acoustic songs ('Bluebird' and 'Milkshake!') and some very electrified, all-out rock songs ('School' and 'Space Song'). But every song is memorable. And each one was great fun to record. British children's author/illustrator Alexis Deacon created the cover art for 'Bottle of Sunshine,' along with illustrations for the 16-page booklet accompanying the CD. Please look for his wonderful children's books 'Slow Loris' and 'Beegu,' both published by Kane Publishers, NY. 'Bottle of Sunshine' also contains a bonus: three Milkshake music videos of songs from 'Happy Songs'. Two of these, 'Fingers & Toes' and 'Tall', are fully animated. The third, 'Happy Song', is a live action video with some animation sprinkled here and there. We hope you enjoy it!

1.1 Bottle of Sunshine
1.2 Bluebird
1.3 School
1.4 Woo-Woo
1.5 Milkshake!
1.6 Boom Boom
1.7 ABC of Me
1.8 Space Song
1.9 Book of Dreams
1.10 Jump
1.11 Smile
1.12 Milkshake
1.13 Rainy Day
1.14 One Wish
1.15 Sleepytown
1.16 [CD-ROM Track]

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