Mmb (Mike Montrey Band)

Mmb (Mike Montrey Band): Song By Song By Song

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Artist: Mmb (Mike Montrey Band)
Title: Song By Song By Song

Mike Montrey Band releases Song By Song By Song The songs are true works of art - Aquarian Weekly Lively and infectious melodies have been a mainstay of Mike Montrey Band, and their newest release, Song By Song By Song, attests to that fact. Mike Montrey (guitar, vocals) pours himself into each track, delivering soulful vocals while perfectly adding exceptional guitar playing. Jen Augustine (vocals) contributes a warm, rich voice and Duke (bass, vocals) completes the vocal trio that produces the lush harmonies on tracks such as "Therapeutic Bliss" and "The Sunshine." Karl Dietel (keyboard, piano, vocal) and Adam Garnys (saxophone) give Mike Montrey Band a unique, funky presence, while Rob Smith (drums) drives the rhythm section with an impressive repertoire of musical stylings. The musical prowess of these members, some of whom have toured nationally as members of The Samples, combine to create a unique experience. Each song on Song By Song By Song was crafted individually and subsequently released as a single, some with an accompanying video, all over the course of 15 months. This production strategy allowed the project to take on a life of it's own, and over a year's worth of life experience can be found reflected in this album. Despite being released individually, the tracks sound as if they were written and recorded together, and the album flows from beginning to end. Influences from world-renowned bands such as Phish and The Decemberists are evident on some tracks, while an enthusiasm and vibrancy akin to Mumford & Sons is present throughout the album. Song By Song By Song was produced in six different studios, across three states, with help from Grammy-Award winning engineer Carter William Humphrey (Rod Stewart, Dr. Dre), and Grammy-Award winning producer Hod David (Maxwell).

1.1 The Sunshine
1.2 Staring at the Light
1.3 Therapeutic Bliss
1.4 Laugh About It
1.5 Falling Up
1.6 A Hole in the Sky
1.7 James and His Crooked Trail
1.8 Providence of Compromise
1.9 Ghosts and Gypsy Ways

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