Moe.: What Happened to the la Las

Moe.: What Happened to the la Las
Title: What Happened to the la Las
Label: Sugarhill

After twenty years together and nine studio albums, one might think Moe. Had pretty much done it all. Yet the famously independent-minded jam band is reaching for new ground on it's latest project, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LA LA's. The album features 10 tracks of compact melodies, each textured by Moe. S signature rock riffs and flourishes, and backed by a roller coaster ride of pulsing drums. It's that pure Moe. Sound which the bands ardent fans- affectionately dubbed Moe. Rons-have come to love over the bands decades of industrious touring.

1.1 The Bones of Lazarus
1.2 Haze
1.3 Downward Facing Dog
1.4 Rainshine
1.5 Smoke
1.6 Paper Dragon
1.7 Chromatic Nightmare
1.8 Puebla
1.9 One Way Traffic
1.10 Suck a Lemon

Moe.: What Happened to the la Las

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