Molly Tuttle

Molly Tuttle: When You're Ready

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Artist: Molly Tuttle

Artist: Molly Tuttle
Title: When You're Ready
Product Type: VINYL LP

Compass is proud to announce the release of award-winning guitar virtuoso Molly Tuttle's debut album, WHEN YOU'RE READY. An insightful, gifted songwriter who was crowned "Instrumentalist of the Year" at the 2018 Americana Music Awards on the strength of her EP Rise, Tuttle has broken boundaries and garnered the respect of her peers, winning fans for her incredible flatpicking guitar technique and confessional songwriting. Graced with a clear, true voice and a keen melodic sense, the 25-year-old seems poised for a long and exciting career. WHEN YOU'RE READY, produced by Ryan Hewitt (The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers) showcases her astonishing range and versatility and shows that she is more than simply an Americana artist.

1.1 Million Miles
1.2 Take the Journey
1.3 Make My Mind Up
1.4 When You're Ready
1.5 The High Road
1.6 Don't Let Go
1.7 Light Came in (Power Went Out)
1.8 Messed with My Mind
1.9 Sleepwalking
1.10 Sit Back and Watch It Roll
1.11 Clue

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