Motorhead: Best of Motorhead

Motorhead: Best of Motorhead
Title: Best of Motorhead
Label: Sanctuary UK

UK two CD collection from Lemmy and his mates. Motorhead are already one of the most heavily anthologized bands in British rock history. However, this set is the only compilation to traverse their entire 25-year-long wayward career path. Totally comprehensive in it's coverage of old ground ('Bomber', 'Ace of Spades', 'Overkill', etc), there's also fresh bait on offer for completists in the shape of four previously unreleased live tracks, 'Fire Fire', 'Bite the Bullet/The Chase Is Better Than the Catch', 'Shoot You in the Back, and 'The Hammer', from the early 1980s. Sanctuary.

1.1 Ace of Spades
1.2 Overkill
1.3 Bomber
1.4 Please Don't Touch
1.5 Motorhead
1.6 No Class
1.7 Louie Louie
1.8 Damage Case
1.9 Too Late Too Late
1.10 Dead Men Tell No Tales
1.11 Killed By Death
1.12 Metropolis
1.13 Emergency
1.14 Tear Ya Down
1.15 White Line Fever
1.16 Iron Horse (Born to Lose)
1.17 City Kids
1.18 Motorhead
1.19 Fire Fire (Previously Unreleased Live Bouns Track)
1.20 Bite the Bullet/The Chase Is Better Than the Catch (Bonus Live Track)
1.21 Iron Fist
1.22 Heart of Stone
1.23 Bomber
1.24 Shine
1.25 I Got Mine
1.26 Ain't My Crime
1.27 Doctor Rock
1.28 Chase Is Better Than the Catch
1.29 Deaf Forever
1.30 Orgasmatron
1.31 Eat the Rich
1.32 Rock N Roll
1.33 Dogs
1.34 One to Sing the Blues
1.35 Sacrifice
1.36 Overnight Sensation
1.37 Snake Bite Love
1.38 God Save the Queen
1.39 Shoot You in the Back (Previously Unreleased Live Bonus Track)
1.40 Hammer (Previously Unreleased Live Bonus Track)

Motorhead: Best of Motorhead

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