Motorhead: Bomber

Motorhead: Bomber
Title: Bomber
Label: Sanctuary Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition 500 unit pressing on silver 140g vinyl. 1979 was MOTÖRHEAD year - the year of 'Bomber'. MOTÖRHEAD, the loudest band in the world, with the power and force of a hundred pneumatic drills they destroyed the nation over and again and no-one, repeat no-one, remained unaffected by them - everyone was torn limb from limb.

1.1 Dead Men Tell No Tales
1.2 Lawman
1.3 Sweet Revenge
1.4 Sharpshooter
1.5 Poison
2.1 Stone Dead Forever
2.2 All the Aces
2.3 Step Down
2.4 Talking Head
2.5 Bomber

Motorhead: Bomber

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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