Mr. Saxophone

Mr. Saxophone: I Sneeze in Threes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mr. Saxophone

Title: I Sneeze in Threes
Label: CD Baby

Mr. Saxophone has been bringin' the cool to "kindie" since 1997 by finding fun and engaging ways to make those little tikes clap and boogey. Mr. Saxophone is Dave farver, an accomplished musician with mad Pied Piper skills he deftly wields to captivate in-person preschool audiences in his regular schedule of brutally early morning gigs. Preschool stardom, however, is only one facet of Farver's remarkably wide-ranging music-centered career. Mild-mannered Mr. Saxophone by day, by night Dave flaunts his elastic vocal chops as front man for a high-powered arena-rock band, easily reaching stratospheric high notes in his forties that would be the envy of any singer at any age. But wait, there's more - it seems there's always more. Farver also plays searing, soulful sax solos in a perennial multi-media theatrical production that showcases the songs of Pink Floyd. The unique show plays elite concert venues and has earned critical raves and phenomenal success due to the repeat attendance of a rabid regional following. Dave's I Sneeze in Threes project is yet another musical road Farver looked down and said, "Cool, why not?" On the heels of his successful Songs from the Treehouse album whose spoofy "Welcome to the Jungle Gym" garnered airplay on Sirius/XM and a plethora of kindie radio shows, Farver serves up three new songs to tickle the funny bones of both young and old: "Gravy Stain" (a parody of "Crazy Train"), "Luke, I'm Your Father" ("Smoke on the Water"), and "The Gila!" ("Tequila"). In addition to cover parodies, Farver also chose to flex his songwriting and arranging muscles on I Sneeze in Threes. "Mothership" is an homage to 70's soul, with big splashy horns, B-3 organ, and a nautical eco-message. "Earth and Sky Lullaby" (a rework of a lush ballad from former band, The Sun Sawed in ½) melds the dreaming mind's flights of fantasy with the clockwork movement of the universe's galactic spheres. The album's theme song, "I Sneeze in Threes," is a swirly psychedelic romp through the pitfalls of seasonal allergies. Like any good road trip, these unique songs wander from whimsy to wonder with lots of fun and laughs along the way, and they're sure to please the crowd in anyone's SUV. Musicians: Jeff Gallo - bass guitar, vocals Eric Lysaght - electric guitar Joe Meyer - drums Kelly Wild - vocals, voiceover Dave Aholt - keyboards, vibraphone Andy Marks - drums Dan Eubanks - upright and electric bass Dave Black - classical and electric guitar Pennsylvania Slim - vocals Jacob Detering - acoustic guitar, sound engineer.

1.1 Mothership
1.2 Luke, I'm Your Father
1.3 Gravy Stain
1.4 Earth and Sky Lullaby
1.5 The Gila
1.6 What's That Sound?
1.7 Hugs and Kisses
1.8 I Sneeze in Threes

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