Munich Syndrome

Munich Syndrome: Electro Pop

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Artist: Munich Syndrome

Artist: Munich Syndrome
Title: Electro Pop

Munich Syndrome: an electronic pop band. Unleashing the electronic ecstasy of 'Electro Pop', Munich Syndrome unveils 14 tracks of pure electro synth pop. Analog synthesizers combined with classic vocoders, tightly sequenced bass lines and industrial-strength beats adds up to a rich and innovative electronic soundscape. From the upbeat abandon of the dance floor on 'Dance (Ah Eee Ya Ya Ya Ya)', 'Love & Dancing' and 'Come Out and Play (Peaks & Valleys Mix)' to the darker industrial tinged 'Modern Age (Machine Mix)', 'Revenge', and 'Murderous (Bad Things Vocal Mix)' on through to the hard electro of 'Go Away', Munich Syndrome delivers a diverse but cohesive album of pure electronic pop. Electro Pop embraces a harder sound overall, incorporating elements of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), electro, dance, techno, house, and EBM (Electric Body Music). The album opens with the Kraftwerk-esque 'Manifesto', and proceeds on to the dance floor with 'Dance (Ahh Eee Ya Ya Ya Ya)', 'Love & Dancing (the 7' Mix)', 'Electro Bop' and 'Come Out and Play (the Peaks & Valleys Mix).' Two instrumentals, 'Space Age Bachelor Pad Music' and 'Intrigue' shift the mood until the industrial-tinged 'Modern Age (Machine Mix)' sets the stage for the darker and more agressive 'Murderous (Bad Things Vocal Mix)' and 'Revenge.' The hard dance pop of 'Go Away' follows the analog synth-heavy 'Analogue Life (Half Life Vocal Mix).' The album closes on the atmospheric, downtempo trip-hop of 'Between Nothingness & Eternity', followed by the euro dance extended remix: 'Love & Dancing (Even More Love Extended Mix).' Electro Pop is mastered in HDCD®, for enhanced audio fidelity. HDCD® encoded discs will play on all CD Players. The CD booklet contains the lyrics for 'Dance', 'Love & Dancing', 'Come Out & Play', 'Modern Age', 'Murderous (Bad Things Vocal Mix)', 'Revenge', 'Go Away' and 'Analogue Life (Half Life Vocal Mix).' The origins of Munich Syndrome began with a chance encounter with a drum machine and synthesizer. Time and evolution took their course, and what began as a bedroom experiment grew from sound sketches on a four-track tape recorder on up to some eight-track demos to the digital realm that Munich Syndrome now calls home. The first release, Sensual Ambience is down tempo beats, seductive bass lines and sublime melodies wrapped in warm sensual keyboard washes blended with dreamy electronic ambience. Key tracks on the album are: 'Cathedral Interlude', 'To Whom It May Concern', 'Lost in You' and the 18 minute title track: 'Sensual Ambience.' As those sessions wrapped up, the next songs started to evolve towards a more electronic sound and introduced the more prominent use of vocoders. Included with Sensual Ambience was the Electro EP, four songs pointing to the direction of the second album, Electro Pop. The original mixes of 'Come Out and Play', 'Murderous (NIMH Mix)' and 'Modern Age' can be found on the Electro EP!

1.1 Manifesto (6:09)
1.2 Dance (Ay Eee Ya Ya Ya Ya) (5:05)
1.3 Love and Dancing (7" Mix) (4:37)
1.4 Electro Bop (4:02)
1.5 Come Out and Play (Peaks and Valleys Mix) (6:34)
1.6 Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (5:33)
1.7 Intrigue (4:50)
1.8 Modern Age (Machine Mix) (5:22)
1.9 Murderous (Bad Things Vocal Mix) (5:48)
1.10 Revenge (5:22)
1.11 Go Away (4:05)
1.12 Analogue Life (Half Life Vocal Mix) (5:41)
1.13 Between Nothingness and Eternity (5:31)
1.14 Love and Dancing (Even More Love Extended Mix) (7:25)

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