Music of China

Music of China: Music Of China: Traditional Music Of China

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Artist: Music of China

Artist: Music of China
Title: Music Of China: Traditional Music Of China

1.1 The Clouds Chasing the Moon
1.2 Spring in the Parmirs
1.3 Wild Geese Alighting
1.4 Fischermen's Song at Eventide
1.5 There Is a Golden Sun in Beijing
1.6 Three Variations on the Plum Blossoms
1.7 A Hundred Birds Playing Homage to the Phoenix
1.8 Al Ying Mourning Capital of the Chu State
1.9 Spring Arrives at the Yi River
1.10 Rising Higher Step By Step
1.11 Go to the Fair
1.12 A Horse Race
1.13 The Deep Night
1.14 Pursuing the Fish
1.15 The Bamboo Plant Named After the Imperial Concubine of Xiang
1.16 Tune Named He Huan Ling
2.1 Traditional Beijing Opera
2.2 Traditional Beijing Opera
2.3 Traditional Beijing Opera
2.4 Traditional Beijing Opera
2.5 Traditional Beijing Opera
2.6 Traditional Beijing Opera
2.7 National Opera
2.8 National Opera
2.9 National Opera
2.10 National Opera
2.11 National Opera
2.12 National Opera
2.13 Modern Beijing Opera
2.14 Modern Beijing Opera
2.15 Modern Beijing Opera
2.16 Modern Beijing Opera
2.17 Modern Beijing Opera
2.18 Modern Beijing Opera

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