My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket: The Tennessee Fire: 20th Anniversary Edition

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: My Morning Jacket
Title: The Tennessee Fire: 20th Anniversary Edition
Product Type: VINYL LP

Darla Records is happy to offer a 20th anniversary deluxe, expanded edition of The Tennessee Fire, the debut album by My Morning Jacket with 16 previously unreleased bonus tracks selected from the archives by Jim James. In February, 1999, Darla Records received a charming Valentine's Day love letter with artwork and 4-track cassette tape demo in the mail from Jim James with the very first My Morning Jacket recordings. Early one Sunday morning, I popped the tape in and fell instantly in love. I could not find the accompanying letter with contact info! Chandra soon found it after I raved at her that she must get out of bed come hear what I was hearing. I called Jim and we began to plan the work. Weeks later, after we'd established a track list, including four songs re-recorded in a real studio, and had artwork together for a debut album, I thought to myself, "I really love this. There's nothing like it in the marketplace. I hope it can sell 1500." And the rest is history. - Mr. Darla Limited edition red vinyl 3xLP in triple gatefold with 16 previously unreleased bonus tracks.

1.1 A1. Heartbreakin Man
1.2 A2. They Ran
1.3 A3. the Bear
1.4 A4. Nashville to Kentucky
1.5 B1. Old September Blues
1.6 B2. If All Else Fails
1.7 B3. It's About Twilight Now
1.8 B4. Evelyn Is Not Real
2.1 C1. the War Begun
2.2 C2. Picture of You
2.3 C3. I Will Be There When You Die
2.4 C4. the Dark
2.5 D1. By My Car
2.6 D2. Butch Cassidy
2.7 D3. I Think I'm Going to Hell
2.8 D4. Alabama Come Clean
3.1 E1. John Dyes Her Hair Red
3.2 E2. Flew in on a Dead Horse
3.3 E3. Yellow and Strobe
3.4 E4. Lil Billy (Demo)
3.5 E5. Evelyn Is Not Real (First Version)
3.6 E6. All This Joy Brings Different Feelings
3.7 E7. Finger on the Frog
3.8 F1. Gifts
3.9 F2. Weeks Go By Like Days (Alternate Version)
3.10 F3. Plasma Ball
3.11 F4. Breathin' Afterbirth
3.12 F5. Heartbreakin' Man (First Version)
3.13 F6. I Think I'm Going to Hell (Two Meter Session)

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