Naomi Burnett

Naomi Burnett: Daily Surrender

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Naomi Burnett

Title: Daily Surrender
Label: CD Baby

If you have never been transformed by the amazing love of Jesus and would like to start things over again, please ask God to completely change your life. Ask Him to forgive you for the wrong things you have done and ask Him to give you His never-ending love. If you surrendur your life to Jesus Christ, and daily give thanks and praise to Him, you will be amazed at what he can do with your life. That is what I want this album to be about: drawing people closer to the Creator of the universe;the God who has transformed my life. I hope this album brings you joy and helps you walk closer to Jesus. Naomi Burnett.

1.1 When Peace Like a River - Naomi Burnett, Bliss, Philip
1.2 On Eagle's Wings - Naomi Burnett, Joncas, Michael
1.3 Air from Overture in D - Naomi Burnett, Bach
1.4 Bright and Beautiful - Naomi Burnett, Hayes, Mark
1.5 Canon - Naomi Burnett, Pachelbel
1.6 There Is a Fountain - Naomi Burnett, Hallquist, Gary
1.7 Pan Pastorale - Naomi Burnett, Donjon, Johannes
1.8 Let Everything That Has Breath - Naomi Burnett, Redman, Matt
1.9 I Wonder As I Wander - Naomi Burnett, Schrader, Jack
1.10 Patapan - Naomi Burnett, Larson, Lloyd
1.11 Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated - Naomi Burnett, Hayes, Mark
1.12 Holy, Holy, Holy - Naomi Burnett, Dykes
1.13 Meditation from Thais - Naomi Burnett, Massenet, Jules
1.14 Safe Within Your Arms - Naomi Burnett, Hayes, Mark
1.15 Be Thou My Vision - Naomi Burnett, Hallquist, Gary
1.16 Forever - Naomi Burnett, Tomlin, Chris

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