Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson: Seethe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nathan Johnson

Title: Seethe
Label: CD Baby

This sophomore effort by Nathan boasts only 5 songs, but each one very well delivered. The memorable title song 'Seethe' takes you down a dark road; The inspiration for this song is the 1996 Barry Levinson directed movie 'Sleepers', which explores 4 juveniles who grew up in Hells Kitchen in New York City. Each chorus ends with the question '... How long are you gonna Seethe?' 'Give It Away' is a beautiful song with a clever twist. 'Goodnight Gracie' touches on themes of the possessive qualities of relationship, a sort of dark love song. 'I Know Nothing' and 'Walls' have dreamy, introspective qualities within Nathan's story lines. You won't be disappointed with this album.... -S.M. Kendricks.

1.1 Seethe
1.2 Walls
1.3 Goodnight Gracie
1.4 Give It Away
1.5 I Know Nothing

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