Needtobreathe: The Outsiders

Needtobreathe: The Outsiders
Title: The Outsiders
Label: Atlantic

The Outsiders truly finds Need to breathe coming into their own, seamlessly blending ambient, arena-ready soundscapes with a decidedly Southern sensibility. From the soaring majesty of "Something Beautiful" and cathartic, philosophically minded ballad "These Hard Times" to the Peter Gabriel style anthem "Through Smoke" (which was inspired by a toy organ the group bought at a thrift store) and orchestra driven, cinematic tracks like "Garden," the album is captivating in countless ways. Throughout the Outsiders, Bear's warm, distinct voice provides the perfect foil to each song - emotive yet honest in way that makes the words he's singing all the more powerful and moving, forging a lasting connection with listeners.

1.1 The Outsiders
1.2 Valley of Tomorrow
1.3 Through Smoke
1.4 Lay 'Em Down
1.5 What You've Done to Me
1.6 Hurricane
1.7 These Hard Times
1.8 Stones Under Rushing Water
1.9 Prisoner
1.10 Won't Turn Back
1.11 Girl Named Tennessee
1.12 Something Beautiful
1.13 Garden
1.14 Let Us Love

Needtobreathe: The Outsiders

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