Nervous & the Kid

Nervous & the Kid: Good Morning Giantess

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Product Type: CD

Title: Good Morning Giantess
Label: CD Baby

We recorded this album in a rented beach house on the Oregon coast in the fall of 2010. Brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, lovers, ex-lovers, drink, death, quarrels, children and broken hearts all contributed to it's conception.

1.1 Good Morning Giantess
1.2 My Autumn Mind
1.3 To Fetch a Glass of Water
1.4 Mannierita
1.5 Mary Magdalene
1.6 Some Alchemy
1.7 Do Sa Do
1.8 Open Up Yr Hollows
1.9 Wedding Feast
1.10 Wrecking Ball

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