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New Order: Best of New Order

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Product Type: CD
Artist: New Order

Artist: New Order
Title: Best of New Order

International edition of this compilation from the Manchester quartet, born from the ashes of Joy Division. This pressing of the Best of New Order is practically a different album from it's American counterpart. Since the release of singles (and albums) may be different from country to country, this set includes their greatest hits as they were marketed in England and Europe. 16 tracks in total including some that were replaced for the American version. The tracks featured here and not found on the U.S. edition include 'The Perfect Kiss', 'Shell Shock' (from the motion picture Pretty in Pink), 'Thieves Like Us' and '1963' (64 version). London Records.

1.1 True Faith-94
1.2 Bizarre Love Triangle - 9
1.3 1963-94
1.4 Regret
1.5 Fine Time
1.6 Perfect Kiss
1.7 Shell Shock
1.8 Thieves Like Us
1.9 Vanishing Point
1.10 Run 2
1.11 Round ; Round
1.12 World (Price of Love)
1.13 Ruined in a Day
1.14 Touched By the Hand of God
1.15 Blue Monday-88
1.16 World in Motion
1.17 World in Motion

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