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Nicole Edwards: Sage & Wild Roses

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Artist: Nicole Edwards

Artist: Nicole Edwards
Title: Sage & Wild Roses

"a fabulous singing voice. High and soft when she speaks, her voice becomes throaty, huge, expressive and honest when she sings. Sage and Wild Roses, her fourth CD, is my favourite so far.... With Sage and Wild Roses, Edwards is back in singer-songwriter mode, creating catchy jazz-blues songs.... For this album, she's assembled a Yukon all-star band, The Joy Seekers. With co-writer Dave Haddock on bass and backup vocals, Annie Avery on keyboard, Bob Hamilton on guitar and banjo, Ed White on drums, and Brandon Isaak providing lead guitar on three tracks, these songs are performed by a solid blues band." Barry "Jack" Jenkins, What's Up Yukon 'Nicole Edwards new CD is reminiscent of Ani Difranco in it's playful melodies and real lyrics. If you are anything like me, the rich funk and groove sound provided by the amazing Joy Seekers will have you dancing around your kitchen in no time.' Ruth Lera, "I like your New CD a lot. Tu as une belle personnalité and we can feel that in all your song on this album. It was a pleasure to travel in my soul thanks to your song." Sylvie Painchaud "I LOVE your new CD. It is so vibrant and it makes me want to dance. The kids and I danced to it. " Helen O'Connor "The CD is great and sounds brilliant. I like the laid back funk of it." Lewis Hodgson "We both just love your new CD. I just wanted to let you know that we think it is great, and what a nice bonus to have Brandon on 3 songs. I tried to figure out which song on your CD is my favourite, and I just can't do it. The whole CD is great, and each song is different and unique and a pleasure to listen to. The lyrics on all the songs are just outstanding too." Diane Parenti 'Enjoyable Music Variety!!! Tickling the ivories, toe tapping beats, smooth & sultry...Awesome Soul and lyrics!!! Delightful & Delicious to sum it up!! 'Sage & Wild Roses' A Groovin Hit -Reflection of our times!!' Crystal McLean "Your song Sage & Wild Roses is fun & makes me want to get naked and skip thru fields with S" MP "Just played this song Pour Moi on KHNS and it gave me goosebumps. I don't know what you are saying but I love the song." Leslie Ross Oh, je suis tellement contente!! C'est vrai que ta musique est pleine de joie!!! Merci!!!!! Annie Pellicano "Your music has been beautiful. I have found myself doing a stretch of road in winter I did not know or care to really be on... It was a beautiful distraction to the hazards of the road. Thank you for your songs... It is amazing how musicians have such m*a*g*i*c and influence over ordinary people in their everyday lives. Keep it coming." Harmeny Daniel "It is looking and sounding mighty fine!! I have listened to it several times now and I LOVE it! You and Dave have created a good groove." Grace Snider "I think that it is a beautiful CD, well done! I think Jack did a great job describing both the music and your lyrical content. It's fun for me to hear some of the tunes that you and Dave performed at Arts In The Park with the benefit of a full band. You sure hang out with some talented folks! I'm a pretty literal thinker and the packaging using roses and sage really works for me. I wish you much success with this project!" Steve Gedrose Yukon-based Nicole Edwards blazed her musical trail as an unplugged songstress with a voice equal parts grit, smoke and confection. The ability to sink her voice to the low end of the musical register and rocket it back up to the top of the scale has served her well while grinding gravel-tinged songs from the stage. Her first solo CD, "on with my day," released in 2001, earned her a West Coast Music Award nomination and an invitation to perform at the event's gala ceremonies, in Vancouver. Her second effort, Joy Seeker, in 2005, solidified her reputation and marked her territory as the Yukon's premiere folk-rock diva. Nicole's elastic-like vocal range and intrinsic curiosity led her to explore other musical flavours on her third CD. With the 2008 release of Sparkin', a collection of jazz standards, Nicole has added one more genre to her repertoire and another adjective to join the several that commonly precede her: folk-rock-blues-jazz singer. Musically fluent in both English and French, Nicole has entertained small, intimate crowds with her acoustic guitar and stirred hundreds of people to shake their rumps on the dnace floor with her high-energy, amped-up sets. She's shared stages at the Dawson City Music Festival, Hugh's Room in Toronto, and the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver with Bif Naked, Sylvia Tyson, Ken Whitley and 54 40. When Nicole opened for the Sam Roberts Band at the Whitehorse Convention Centre, Sam described Nicole as "the bearer of gifts" (for the stout beer she bought for the band in Haines, Alaska) and as the "singer of beautiful songs." When Nicole isn't in the studio or performing, she can be found at her home in Mt. Lorne, a pocket-sized community of 380, a half hour's drive from Whitehorse, the Yukon's capital.

1.1 Can You See the Beauty
1.2 Salty Thoughts
1.3 Sage ; Wild Roses
1.4 Grumpy Pants
1.5 Longing
1.6 Two Kinds of Pie
1.7 Apathy Is Boring
1.8 You Can Get It Used
1.9 Pour Moi
1.10 Be the Change
1.11 Shades of Blue
1.12 Red Shoes
1.13 More Than a Diagnosis Blues
1.14 What Do You Do with Your Fire

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