Nicole Kafka

Nicole Kafka: Deliciously Twisted

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Artist: Nicole Kafka

Artist: Nicole Kafka
Title: Deliciously Twisted

1.1 Kind of Woman
1.2 Welcome and Feminism (Talk)
1.3 I'm a Woman
1.4 How I Keep Busy (Talk)
1.5 I'd Rather Sing a Song
1.6 High School to College (Talk)
1.7 Fight Fiercely, Harvard
1.8 Becoming a Surgeon and the Return to Singing (Talk)
1.9 Don't Tell Mama
1.10 Extracurricular Activities (Talk)
1.11 Twisted
1.12 Crazy
1.13 Love (Talk)
1.14 I'm a Stranger Here Myself
1.15 Listen to My Heart
1.16 Nothing I Wouldn't Do
1.17 La Vie en Rose
1.18 The End of Love (Talk)
1.19 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
1.20 Out of Love
1.21 Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (With Intro)
1.22 One Touch of Venus
1.23 Thank Yous - and the Future (Talk)
1.24 I Hope You Dance
1.25 Goodbyes (Talk)

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