Nirvana: Bleach

Nirvana: Bleach
Title: Bleach
Label: Sub Pop
Product Type: CASSETTES

BLEACH - Nirvana - Audio Cassette Continuing our legacy of reminding people Nirvana had a record before Nevermind, Sub Pop Records presents a non-deluxe, affordably-priced, single-LP version of Bleach, Nirvana's debut album. Originally released by us in June of 1989, Bleach was widely recognized as a record music retailers should probably order after that one with the naked baby on the cover did so well in 1991. Full remastered album

1.1 Blew
1.2 Floyd the Barber
1.3 About a Girl
1.4 School
1.5 Love Buzz
1.6 Paper Cuts
1.7 Negative Creep
1.8 Scoff
1.9 Swap Meet
1.10 Mr. Moustache
1.11 Siftin

Nirvana: Bleach

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