Nirvana: Live at Reading

Nirvana: Live at Reading
Title: Live at Reading
Label: Geffen Records

2009 release of this historic live performance by the Alt-Rock/Grunge legends. While the show's centerpiece was a performance of nearly the entire Nevermind tracklist, also noteworthy were early performances of three as yet unrecorded songs which wouldn't be released until two years later on in Utero: 'All Apologies', 'Dumb' and, in it's first ever public performance, 'Tourette's'. The career-spanning setlist also reached back to the band's 1989 Sub Pop debut album, Bleach and even further back to the mid-'80s for 'Spank Thru'. Additionally, the band played a pair of beloved covers by two bands (Fang and the Wipers) that helped shape the formative Nirvana sound.

1.1 Breed
1.2 Drain You
1.3 Aneurysm
1.4 School
1.5 Sliver
1.6 In Bloom
1.7 Come As You Are
1.8 Lithium
1.9 About a Girl
1.10 Tourette's
1.11 Polly
1.12 Lounge Act
1.13 Smells Like Teen Spirit
1.14 On a Plain
1.15 Negative Creep
1.16 Been a Son
1.17 All Apologies
1.18 Blew
1.19 Dumb
1.20 Stay Away
1.21 Spank Thru
1.22 The Money Will Roll Right in
1.23 D-7
1.24 Territorial Pissings

Nirvana: Live at Reading

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