Norman Blake & Nancy

Norman Blake & Nancy: Hobo's Last Ride

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Norman Blake & Nancy
Title: Hobo's Last Ride

1.1 The Democratic Donkey (Is in His Stall Again)
1.2 Tell Mother I'll Meet Her
1.3 Forked Deer
1.4 The Hobo's Last Ride
1.5 Thebes
1.6 Leaving Home
1.7 Home of the Soul
1.8 Midnight the Unconquered Outlaw
1.9 The Old Grey Mare Came Tearin' Out of the Wilderness
1.10 I Know My Name Is There
1.11 Starving to Death on the Government Claim
1.12 Old Shady Bothreen
1.13 Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail
1.14 Angel Gabriel
1.15 The Two Little Orphans
1.16 Memories That Never Die

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