Norman Sylvester

Norman Sylvester: On the Right Track

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Artist: Norman Sylvester
Title: On the Right Track

Northwest Original Blues by The Norman Sylvester Band. The songs on this project were written by Norman Sylvester when he was a Temster in the Trucking Industry.From 1968 to 1990, Norman was a Tractor and Trailer Service person at Long Haul Freight Hauling Co.The lyrics came from Norman's soul during those Years.During these years the Norman Sylvester Band performed with a female vocal group 'The Sweet Thangz'(Lenanne (Norman's daughter)Rhonda&Esterlita (Norman's Nieces) The Members on this project are: Rob Shoemaker -Bass Janice Scroggins - Electric Piano Dover Weinberg - B3 Organ Kenny Wild - Saxophone Carlie-T - Harp Lenanne Sylvster- Vocal Rhonda Hill- Vocal Esterlita Hill- Vocal Nick Christmas- Drums Ray Nelson -Drums and Vocal (Giving Up on Love/ Bonus Version.

1.1 Blues Won't Get Old
1.2 Piece of the Action
1.3 Where Can I Hide?
1.4 Thrills Is Gone/I Don't Want It Back
1.5 Giving Uo on Love
1.6 On the Right Track
1.7 Blues Junkie
1.8 Hardtimes
1.9 Look on the Brightside
1.10 Barrelhouse Shuffle
1.11 Let's Rock
1.12 You Can't Stop Me Baby
1.13 Giving Up on Love [Bonus Version]
1.14 Look on the Brightside [Bonusversion]

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