Octo Octa

Octo Octa: Between Two Selves

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Artist: Octo Octa

Artist: Octo Octa
Title: Between Two Selves

2013 release. Sophistication and elegance have not always been the strobe-light honey for diehard divers into the dance genre, but it's been Octo Octa's strongest suit since his 2011 debut single. Between Two Selves has a facile sensuality - the reclining nude of Octo's Blue Period - with more room to breathe or sigh, and the sort of anthemic samplics handily summed up with a single coaxing call ('I want you,' 'I don't want you to go,' 'All his kisses taste sweet'). Focusing on fewer manipulated, pitched elements over the course of more extended, abstracted compositions, Octo Octa has become one of the prophetic personifiers of regal melancholy in electronic music, along with James Blake and King Midas Sound. Homoeroticism and homosentimentality, urge and satisfaction, celebration and celibacy lay languidly across Between Two Selves, a lofty, soulful statement that 100% Silk is blessed to release on the world.

1.1 Who I Will Become
1.2 Bad Blood
1.3 Please Don't Leave
1.4 Come Closer
1.5 His Kiss
1.6 Work Me
1.7 Uneasy
1.8 Fear

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