Oscar Pettiford

Oscar Pettiford: New Oscar Pettiford Sextet

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Artist: Oscar Pettiford

Artist: Oscar Pettiford
Title: New Oscar Pettiford Sextet

Oscar Pettiford, one of the protean characters in jazz history, was the product of a legendary family band. In 1943, while working with Charlie Barnet he began applying the string bass advances of Jimmy Blanton to the emerging music called bepop. Within a few months he was on 52nd street co-leading a group with Dizzy Gillespie. By the time of this recording, Pettiford had mastered the cello as a jazz instrument. His work on cello set a standard that bassists doubling on the instrument have attempted to reach ever since.

1.1 Pendulum at Falcon's Lair
1.2 Tamalpais Love Song
1.3 Jack, the Fieldstalker
1.4 Fru Bruel
1.5 Stockholm Sweetnin'
1.6 Low and Behold
1.7 I Succumb to Temptation
1.8 Chickasaw
1.9 Bop Scotch
1.10 The Most
1.11 Chasin' the Bass

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