Ostrander, Linda

Ostrander, Linda: Incredible Journey

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Title: Incredible Journey
Label: CD Baby

The eight pieces of Suite No. 2 (2014), inspired by Robert Schumann's piano pieces, explore the emotions one might encounter in a strange place or new experience. Suite No. 1 (1983) consists of nine short etudes that focus on playing beautiful melodies, chromatic harmonies and rapid scale passages across the entire range of the keyboard. Geometrica (1967) describes different kinds of lines, ending with an exuberant, jazzy movement with zig-zag lines. Pianist/composer Linda W. Ostrander recorded this album at her alma mater, Oberlin Conservatory. In addition to her Bachelor of Music, Linda holds a Master of Arts from Smith College, a Doctor of Musical Arts from Boston University, and a Ph. D. from the Union Institute. Her works have been performed throughout the U.S. and in Europe and China. She has received awards and grants from Oberlin College, Smith College, Princeton University, the University of Illinois, Boston University, Radcliffe College (Harvard Fellow), the National League of American Pen Women, the Composers Guild, the National Music Teachers Association of New England, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

1.1 A Strange Land (Live)
1.2 Dreaming (Live)
1.3 Anxiety (Live)
1.4 Longing (Live)
1.5 Remorse (Live)
1.6 Anger (Live)
1.7 Fear (Live)
1.8 Happiness (Live)
1.9 Cantabile (Live)
1.10 Allegro (Live)
1.11 Pensively (Live)
1.12 Facile (Live)
1.13 Dreamily (Live)
1.14 Marcato (Live)
1.15 Poetically (Live)
1.16 Mysteriously (Live)
1.17 Tempestuously (Live)
1.18 Straight Lines (Live)
1.19 Oblique Lines (Live)
1.20 Curves (Live)
1.21 Circles (Live)
1.22 Zigzag (Live)

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