Gennady Rozhdestvensky

Gennady Rozhdestvensky: Cherevicki (Slippers) Compl

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Artist: Gennady Rozhdestvensky
Title: Cherevicki (Slippers) Compl

1.1 Overture
1.2 Act I Scene 1: Duet: Ah, How Silvery the Moon Shines, How Clearly and Far We Can See! (Solocha, Bes)
1.3 Act I Scene 1: She's Got Really Warmed Up, She's Shaken, She's on Fire! (Bes, Solocha, Chorus of Spirits, Cub, Panas)
1.4 Act I Scene 2: Aria: Just Look at the Snowstorm! (Oksana)
1.5 Act I Scene 2: A Little Apple Tree Was Blossoming in the Garden, It Was in Flower But It Has Withered (Oksana)
1.6 Act I Scene 2: Scene: She Never Takes Her Eyes Off Herself, and Then She Even Praises Her Own Beauty Out Loud! (Vakula, Oksana)
1.7 Act I Scene 2: Scene: Just Look at You! (Oksana, Cub, Vakula)
1.8 Act I Scene 2: Scene and Duet: What's All This Noise? (Oksana, Vakula)
1.9 Act I Scene 2: Last Scene: If Only People Were a Bit More Intelligent, a Bit More Perspicacious, a Bit Braver ? (Oksana, Vakula, Chorus of Youngsters, Chorus, the Girls)
2.1 Act II Scene 1: Intermezzo
2.2 Act II Scene 1: Scene: The Storm Has Swept My Broomstick Away (Solocha, Bes)
2.3 Act II Scene 1: Scene: Now That's What I Call Snow! (Golova, Solocha)
2.4 Act II Scene 1: Scene: Is Anyone In? (Schoolmaster, Solocha)
2.5 Act II Scene 1: Song: A Woman Runs After the Devil, She Has Made Friends with the Accursed (Schoolmaster, Solocha)
2.6 Act II Scene 1: Scene: Greetings! (Cub, Solocha, Vakula)
2.7 Act II Scene 1: Quintet: I Don't Feel Well ? (Schoolmaster, Solocha, Bes, Golova, Cub, Vakula)
2.8 Act II Scene 1: Arioso: A Year Has Gone By and Here They Are Calling Me Again to Go and Sing the Koljakdki (Vakula)
2.9 Act II Scene 2: Good Evening! Good Evening! (Chorus, Old Men and Women)
2.10 Act II Scene 2: Scene and Song: Oksana, Why Are You So Late? (Chorus, Oksana, Vakula)
2.11 Act II Scene 2: My Shoes Aren't Very Big (Oksana, Chorus)
2.12 Act II Scene 2: Last Scene: Ah, Vakula, You're Here Again (Oksana, Vakula, Chorus, Cub)
3.1 Act III Scene 1: Intermezzo
3.2 Act III Scene 1: Scene: It Is Dark, Too Dark (Chorus of Undines, Wood Spirit)
3.3 Act III Scene 1: Scene and Song: Where Have I Come To? to the River? (Vakula, Echo)
3.4 Act III Scene 1: Scene and Song: Who Knows, My Girl, If Your Heart Can Feel My Pain, My Terrible Pain? (Vakula, Bes)
3.5 Act III Scene 2: We Are There (Bes, Vakula, An Old Cossack, Chorus, Guard) - Scene 3: Polonaise: Have I Reached Heaven? (Vakula, Master of Ceremonies, Chorus of Cossacks, His Serene Highness ?)
3.6 Act III Scene 3: Song: Before We Start the Dances, Allow Me, My Friends, to Declaim An Ode (His Serene Highness, Chorus of Courtiers, Chorus)
3.7 Act III Scene 3: Minuet: Did You Have a Good Journey? (His Serene Highness, Chorus of Cossacks, Vakula)
3.8 Act III Scene 3: Russian Dance
3.9 Act III Scene 3: Cossack Dance
3.10 Act III Scene 3: In the Czarina's Family Theatre They Are About to Start a Play with a Song ? (Master of Ceremonies, Bes, Vakula)
3.11 Act IV Scene 1: Duet: Some Say He Threw Himself Into the River! (Solocha, Oksana)
3.12 Act IV Scene 1: Finale: We Invite You to Our House (Chorus of Women, Oksana, Chorus, Chorus of Men)
3.13 Act IV Scene 1: If You Want to Drink Honey, Come with Us to the Jewess's House! (Chorus, Cub, Golova, Panas, Solocha, Vakula)
3.14 Act IV Scene 1: Strong Winds, Do Not Blow in the Thick Woods (Chorus, Oksana, Solocha, Vakula, Cub)

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