Pamela Poland

Pamela Poland: Pamela Polland / Have You Heard The One About The Gas Station Attendant?

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pamela Poland

Title: Pamela Polland / Have You Heard The One About The Gas Station Attendant?
Label: Bgo - Beat Goes on

Talented singer-songwriter's first 1972 solo album for Columbia, as well as the hitherto-unreleased follow up. Due to the departure of Clive Davis from Sony (who had championed Pamela), the second album remained in the vaults and her contract lapsed. Why 'Have You Heard The One... ' was never released is a subject for speculation, for it was produced in London by Gus Dudgeon (who was riding high on a string of hit albums for Elton John) and featured the cream of British studio musicians. So at last, some forty-odd years on, here it is and hopefully now Pamela will get the wider recognition she has long deserved. Digitally remastered and slipcased, and with extensive new notes by Charles Donovan

1.1 In My Imagination
1.2 Out of My Hands (Still in My Heart)
1.3 Sing-A-Song Man
1.4 When I Got Home
1.5 Please Mr. D.J
1.6 Abalone Dream
1.7 The Rescuer
1.8 Sugar Dad
1.9 The Teddy Bears' Picnic
1.10 The Dream (For Karuna)
1.11 Texas
1.12 Lighthouse
2.1 The Refuge
2.2 Wild Roses
2.3 You Stand By Me
2.4 To Earl
2.5 Music Music
2.6 Thank You, Operator
2.7 Willsdon Manor
2.8 Untitled (Dusty Rose)
2.9 The Ship
2.10 Prelude
2.11 The Clearing
2.12 Didn't Get Enough of Your Love
2.13 Take in the Light

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