Pan American

Pan American: Cloud Room, Glass Room

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Artist: Pan American

Artist: Pan American
Title: Cloud Room, Glass Room

With percussionist extraordinaire Steven Hess (Locrian) now a full fledged member, Mark Nelson and Pan American deliver their first album since White Bird Release from 2009. Begun with the duo rehearsing for a series of shows, these songs were written together as a group to be played live. Bobby Donne (Labradford/Cristal) plays bass on multiple tracks, further emphasizing the live band feel. Mark Nelson's deft production touches abound, while Hess shows a mastery of understated rhythms.

1.1 Cloud Room
1.2 Fifth Avenue 1960
1.3 Relays
1.4 Glass Room at the Airport
1.5 Laurel South
1.6 Project for An Apartment Building
1.7 Virginia Waveform

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