Pangia: Dreams 4

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Artist: Pangia

Artist: Pangia
Title: Dreams 4

A voyage of dreams featuring the opulent music of Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece & more. Pat Olson and PANGIA skillfully merge traditional ethnic and classic songs with up beat, modern arrangements. In addition there are several original pieces written by Pat,all performed on ethnic instruments for many different dance styles, oud enthusiasts as well as listening. In addition to very danceable tunes and Pat's fabulous vocals, there are 3 exciting drums solos. A 'must have' for belly dancers and Pangia fans alike. Featuring Pat Olson playing Oud, Guitar, Cumbus, Yalli Tambor (Tambor Cumbus), Mandolin and Vocals. Denise Mannion plays keyboards and zils. Carmine T. Guida from N.Y.C. on dumbeck, bass dumbeck and riq and Erik Brown from Seattle provides the drum solos.

1.1 I'm Dreaming of You (Balem Beek)
1.2 Nahna Wil Kamar Jeeran
1.3 Saidi Slam (Drum Solo)
1.4 Khatwet Samar (Excerpt)
1.5 Jamal's Dream
1.6 Ziba's Dream
1.7 Half Tech (Drum Solo)
1.8 Hijaz Finale
1.9 Ya'ain Mawlatin (Shaskin)
1.10 Dream of a Summer Night
1.11 Rampi
1.12 7 on Sunday
1.13 Raghizi Apopse I Kardhia (Tonight the Heart Breaks)
1.14 Ellada
1.15 Nebria
1.16 Maqsoomin' (Drum Solo)
1.17 Jim's Dream of Baba (Istemin Babajim)
1.18 Tribaleyed Dream

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