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Paolo Pisano: Girotondo

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Artist: Paolo Pisano

Title: Girotondo
Label: CD Baby

Born in Italy, Catania (Sicily) on the 11th july 1964 Zodiac: Cancer Attracted by the music since he was just a kid. At 9 took guitars, bass, drums and keyboards lessons. Later started writing his first songs. In the '80s, often had sessions playing at the 'Analogy' (the only one studio recording available in town) with friends like Dino Scuderi (ex De Novo), the two brothers Bartolo and Egidio La Gioia (11 years of Jude's voice in the Jesus Christ Superstar directed by M. Piparo) and Mario Ansaldo (Doctor's Sound Studio Recordings) just to mention someone. Meanwhile he formed a band with the Basile's brothers: Micky (lead guitar) and Maurizio (Bass) thus Pierpaolo Alberghini (Drums & Percussions) and Paolo (voice and rithm guitars). Together they were the 'Montgomery' band. Their live shows were just a pure rock of the '80 style like the Deep Purple's rock, Genesis melodies, Pink Floyd psychedelic, Carlos Santana, Jimy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley and more... Then Paolo got influenced by the new wave of Simple Minds, new Irish rock of U2, white reggae of Police and on... From '86 till '90 he moved to London (GB) for learning and studing English and B.A. during the day and playing at night time as a special guest in various palaces of the town like the Astoria (Tottenham Court Road), the Town and Country Club of Kentish Town, Camden Palace, The Palais, The Rock Cafè of Covent Garden, Dingwalls of Neasden and many more . Active collaborator with Antonio Cuscinà ('Eze') ex former of the Victrola, famous band of the '80s from Messina, whom with he realized: TBINT (Two But Is Not Two) and AFRICA, writing lyrics, part of the music and arrangements. He realized many demos CD of different kind of music, dedicating a lot of time to rec-studio experiences. Collaborations with Giacomo Guttadauro, Ciccio Veronesi, Dario Arena and many other guitarists he had the pleasure to play with, with Arturo Bonetti Keyboard and Pianos. Gigged solo and with some of Phil Morse's bands (better known as Philip Legende), former of the Kundalini and producer of the Shrink in London GB. Whom with he released few songs in the albums: King Buffalo and Around the World ('88-'89). At the beginning of the '90s, he met the percussionist Gilberto Di Gioia. Together they played in Sicily alternating music from dance to melodic rock, post rock and world, creating unpredictable fusions always in search of new sounds combinations. Took a partecitation at the Proppellerhead sound contest '97 with a sperimental track. Between december 1999 and january 2000, Paolo completed his first album project under the name of: The C.S.M. (The Chemist's Sound Machine) under the Audiowalk Project's indie label and titled: 'Chemical Sound'. The CD is made of 8 songs of sperimental, instrumental & ambient music, maybe too acid. After two years of a long meditation, Paolo decides to record a new album CD called 'Girotondo'. This self production is made with his new Audiowalk Project indie label and came up just with his own real name. The Girotondo album CD is made of 12 beautifull tracks including 1 Intro and 2 electronics productions as well as the songs with English and Italian lyrics. He thought this was the right time to release it on his own. He had, and still has, many ideas to be written yet on his sequencers, many things he wants to say about main themes in life, as on many aspects of love and feelings, about story and wars, about immigration and emargination and discriminations. Paolo wants to say it out just in a very soft and easy way of communication and they were there in the pc desktop waiting to be puzzled up. It took circa two years for preparing 'Girotondo'. Some lyrics were written during the last recordings phases, some of them were forged between 2004 and 2005. Paolo says: 'It has been very hard to complete the album' and recon he's not represented by major labels!

1.1 The World Is Collapsed (Intro)
1.2 Girotondo
1.3 Il Cielo
1.4 From South 2 West
1.5 Call Me
1.6 U Say
1.7 Great Themes
1.8 Ja Voice 2 B
1.9 Precipito
1.10 Sisters ; Brothers
1.11 A Volte E' Amore
1.12 Violins

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