Paul Cardall

Paul Cardall: Miracles: Journey of Hope & Healing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Cardall

Artist: Paul Cardall
Title: Miracles: Journey of Hope & Healing

Miracles offers a spirited and diverse musical array of emotions beginning with an orchestral score of elegant piano which evolves into smooth, heartfelt jazz rhythms; ending with a powerful vocal piece. Cardall's creative growth is evident in this spirited musical journey which offers listeners intense feelings of hope and healing.

1.1 Miracles
1.2 Voices
1.3 Time
1.4 An Unseen World
1.5 Live to Love
1.6 Leaving L.A
1.7 Sequoia's Path
1.8 Driving North
1.9 After the Storm
1.10 The Memory Lives on
1.11 Back to L.A

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